“Trying To Lead Through The Most Difficult Times”


3 responses to ““Trying To Lead Through The Most Difficult Times”

  1. Excellent article, your conflict resolution strategies are obviously coming from an experienced leader and coach. When I started working in the pharmaceutical industry in the mid-80s it was very profitable and nobody thought that big American companies would struggle to survive 15 years later. Some pharmaceutical professional still do not understand that cost constraints are dictating most of the corporate strategies and product innovation is not that important if you can’t sell more volumes or get a better price on a global scale. How different would you train currently both R&D and sales people compared to 18 years ago ?

    • Hello Anne,

      The training should be much more focused on bringing “Customer Value” to the customer. Back in the 80’s there was not much concentration on true dialogue with the customer from a selling skills training perspective….it was information dump load on the customer/physician. Training during these times have to have a focus on customer intelligence, customer dialogue, and customer value. Training on account planning is critical as well, sales representatives have to be better business people to the customer relationship.

      Thanks again for your comment Anne!


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