“2012 Resolution”? GAINING WEIGHT…in knowledge and competencies.

Every commercial you see on TV at the beginning of each year is usually about losing weight, my question is how can we gain knowledge and bolster our competencies? Losing weight with exercise and a healthy diet we can all agree vastly minimizes health issues, but, what about improving our knowledge/competencies in areas of health, business, politics, current events etc.
“Knowledge Is Power” is the saying, what is your 2012 resolution to increase your knowledge/competencies? What area would you like to become more knowledgeable/competent in?

Don’t forget our Tuesday night’s show with CEO (Selling Power Magazine) Gerhard  Gschwandtner the sales industries’ foremost thought leader on the “Sales Profession”! The upcoming broadcast “The Sales Professional Network” will not disappoint as we come up with keys to ensure you have a great start to your 2012 sales year. Please join us Tuesday Jan 10th 7pm (EST)!!!


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