“My Great Failures Means….I would be a GREAT MENTOR”!

Because like many of you I’ve failed a lot in my life…but how I’ve succeeded is my passion to help others learn from my failures. Use your failures to “Mentor” others to success…in the long run you’ll be “SUCCESSFUL FOR LIFE”.
Failures are NOT to be depressed over…use them to inspire hope and build esteem in others. I cannot think of other ways to embrace your failures than becoming a “MENTOR”!!


6 responses to ““My Great Failures Means….I would be a GREAT MENTOR”!

  1. This is very, very interesting. If we really think about it, we are better people because of the mistakes and failures we’ve experienced, not the successes in our lives. As a leader, I find myself welcoming the “teaching moment” as a coach and mentor. Although mistakes and failures can be detrimental, a setback, or even destructive to a project or job’s success, I find that making the mistake makes people better. The typical mantra is “learn from your mistakes.” But, it could be much more constructive than that. Be glad you made the mistake; it will make you a better person. I have, on occasion, told my people that I was glad they made certain mistakes because it give me the opportunity to show them the better way. So, I agree; failures make you a great mentor (and person).

    • Dale,

      You and I are thinking alike on this subject!! I try to NOT get so down on my failures (or bad times) rather learn from it…teach to it!
      I really enjoy mentoring and being a volunteer outside my work so when I can share my experiences it makes it worthwhile.

      Thank you so much for your GREAT comments, and I look forward to reading your future posts!!

      Kind regards

  2. Hi Andre! You know how I love quotes, and here is one I want to share with you and your followers:
    “Some persons think they have made a success in life when all they have made is money.” ~Anonymous
    What a wonderful feeling it is to each other.

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