Hearing “NO” regularly takes a toll…on your soul!

If you’ve been in the sales business for any length of time you’ve come accustom to the word “No”…it’s become an expected response in our everyday profession. BUT, that’s the type of thinking that destroys today’s sales professional….we expect to hear the word “NO”. As in life everything comes down to how “Mentally Prosperous” you are an overcoming challenges that come your way, the selling business is no different.

Tomorrow’s show (7pm EST) we have a live discussion discussion how to overcome adversity in sales…and life. Our guest speaker Uneeka Jay CEO (“Powermommy Nation”) will provide us the keys to help us get through the unexpected issues called life, please join us: (Click on the following link for details)


Come/Join us make a difference in someone’s life…maybe yours!!



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