“I’m NOT going to lead…YOU lead”!! CRISIS LEADERSHIP

Okay, I might be dating myself but do you remember the “Life Cereal” commercial where Mikey and his brother continuously passed the cereal to each other by saying “I’m not going to eat it…you eat it (cute commercial). I sometimes feel the same thing occurs when we see these so-called leaders in positions of authority wilt when in the midst of a crisis. It’s almost as if they revert to childlike behaviors (i.e. avoidance, passing the blame, and sometimes crying) when in the Bermuda Triangle of crisis. The latest example is what occurred on the cruise ship “Concordia”…the Captain decided saving his own a** when the ship capsized was the best leadership decision while hundreds of passengers perished at sea. This is devastatingly a malfeasance of leadership if there’s such an example. Leadership in the midst of a crisis I’m the first to say is NOT easy and quite frankly it’s the nightmare reality of anyone who’s been in that situation. However, I think there has to be a “Competency” demonstrated before those appointed to roles where the likelihood of a crisis exists (i.e. Presidents, Pilots, Captains of cruise ships…I think you get my point). I’m a firm believer that the true test of someone’s potential to be a successful leader is how they handle stress; we all have our varying ways of handling stress. We can all agree running to a corner and crouching in a fetal position is probably not the best reaction and overreacting is NOT the answer either. I’ve always believed that there are many things we can learn from different factions of the military, I remain fascinated with Navy Seal (when I was younger I wanted to be one…then I came to my senses hahaha!!). Navy Seal teach their recruits how to deal with stressful events by placing them in stressful events, what a novel concept we could all learn from.

We really need to understand what it takes to lead in a crisis sure there are books by famous generals, coaches, some CEO’s but for whatever reason those teachings are not resonating. So, in my own un-significant way I’m working on bringing more awareness around the issue of “Leadership” and how it’s delivered in “CRISIS”.

Please checkout my upcoming show (“TSPN”-The Sales Professional Network) on Tuesday January 31st 7pm (EST) where we’ll examine ways and best practices on how to lead successfully in “CRISIS”. Here’s the link to the show:   http://bit.ly/znLTap




By Andre’ Harrell (CEO AH2 & Beyond…)







2 responses to ““I’m NOT going to lead…YOU lead”!! CRISIS LEADERSHIP

  1. The Costa Concordia’s Captain is the poster boy for failed leadership and cowardess. I can’t even begin to imagine what the heck he was thinking. If everything we’ve heard is true (was having dinner with a stow-away female DURING the crisis and disaster, left the ship in a rescue boat as people were dying, tried to leave the area in a taxi, etc.), he is the consummate idiot!!!

    Bottom line: Leadership comes from taking full responsibility and accountability for ALL of your obligations, and to see everything through to success and victory. Face the adversity accordingly, and act accordingly. LEAD-er-SHIP – Lead your ship!!!

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