Building A Following? Why?

I like many of you are trying to build an audience and like many of you are finding it NOT easy. With that said it’s made me sit back and re-evaluate why is building a vast audience important? Many of you have your reasons as do I but I’m starting to understand why having an impact on a few is so much greater than having less impact on the many…are you hanging with me? What I mean by this is I’ve spent so much time thinking of ways I can build my “Twitter”, “Radio Show”, “Blog” and LinkedIn following that I’ve totally disregarded the importance of putting out helpful, sincere, inspirational, and impact type information, which I love to do. Yes, I’ve been caught up into the numbers game and I’m not going to lie to you I wish my number of followers was up with my many social mediums however someone said to me the other day that if you’re effecting one person positively you’ve achieved your goal. I hadn’t thought about that. I enjoy writing, I enjoy trying to inspire people and sometimes I have to remember that and not get so caught up with the superficial. With the growing popularity and let’s face it dominance of social media we are ALL now pundits, quasi journalists, and pontificators thirsting for attention…but what type of attention are you looking for? My question to you who are reading this post is  “Is Building A Following Important To You”? Why?  What do you stand to gain “personally” by building a vast audience? Fame? Attention?

I submit if you can affect the life or lives of the few who look to you for guidance, inspiration, honesty, and leadership you’ve absolutely done your job and you are to be commended. As I stated earlier try to impact the few…avoid non-impacting the many.

Become The Difference!


By Andre’ Harrell (AH & Beyond Consulting)



5 responses to “Building A Following? Why?

  1. Building a following, and having a tangible response to the work I put into my blog, is important because I enjoy touching someone’s imagination and stimulating their mind; the more the better. Each post I put up is not just a series of words to make a deadline or to remain ‘productive.’ I believe I provide content that should be seen by thousands of followers, although I only have 70. For example, there are military leaders (officers and non-commissioned officers) who not only can find interest in my blog, but can provide feedback and make worthwhile comments to my posts that would augment my message. In fact, I can learn as much (or more) from my followers, as they learn from my posts.

    But, if I can impact one person through my blog, I feel I have succeeded. But, why should it stop with one? I get a charge – I get energized – when I see my daily statistics evolve; when people have taken time from their busy day to see what I’ve posted. It is quite humbling that my blog has compelled so many per day to visit and read. I guess it helps that I promote my blog on LinkedIn in discussion groups that are military and leadership-oriented, and 2/3 of my readership comes from my sharing my blog post links to about 13 groups.

    My blog is the stepping stone to writing my own book on the very topic my blog discusses; the syngergies between military and corporate leadership. My blog provides me an outlet to share my message and information. It obviously puts me in front of people who may one day pick up my book. But, for the time being, I am content with just building my own community of readers to my blog. I have already had one-on-one contact with some of my followers, and in the two short months of blogging, I have been added to about three Blogrolls. Also, a few of my posts have not only been shared and listed as ‘related articles,’ but have been featured on their own. Obviously, there are many who have seen my blog as a valuable single source for the content I am sharing.

    So, I guess I am gaining some fame and attention. But, I am blogging for more than that: I am blogging to make a difference, one person at a time.

    I’m writing this comment because you felt it necessary and found it important to get these answers. Your questions posed in your post were not rhetorical. As important as it is to read your blog, responding and taking action to your words is also important. You asked questions, and I didn’t want you to go empty handed; at least after I read your post. I hope this helps.

  2. Andre!
    Great post! I agree that sometimes you feel like you are “speaking” to no one. As you and I have discussed, it is so important to respond so that you know you have connected. I apologize for not responding to your earlier posts!
    I look forward to staying connected and hope you do the same! Keep up the encouraging words!
    Bea “Positive”

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