Are you an “Unselfish” or “Selfish” networker?

I think all of us would say that we’re “unselfish” networkers or our networking activity is done in an unselfish manner…but are you being truthful about that? “Networking” truly can be a rewarding experience financially but also rewarding personally. How do you perceive the act of “Networking” is it an unselfish or selfish act? Your thoughts?

“Top 5 Ways to Build a Powerful Business Network in 2012”


2 responses to “Are you an “Unselfish” or “Selfish” networker?

  1. Obviously, it depends on if you have something or need something, and that is predicated on the group or people you are networking with. Is it a give and take at the same time? Not always. How you fix this is to constantly network with your, well, network. Always reach out and connect; email, phone call, face-to-face. As a result of effective, regular networking, like sales, when someone needs something from you, you will hopefully be top-of-mind, as a result of your effective networking. And, when you need something, you will not come across as selfish, because your call will come naturally, as it always has. Finally, through networking, you’ll know who you can ‘give’ to, and who you can ‘take’ from. From that relationship, you will know your network, and they will know you. Never selfish…never unselfish…if you do it right.

  2. You make a great point Dale, it’s definitely about “Consistently” networking with your network so as to not come across as insincere or…..selfish.

    That happens a lot doesn’t it…..when someone needs you for their purposes they reach out to you (and you may not have heard from them in years).

    Thanks as always for your comments!!!

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