How important is the new hire “On-boarding Process”….I say CRITICAL!

You are extremely excited you’ve been chosen for this highly responsible lucrative sales, marketing or training position and your first day is next Monday. Monday comes and you’re a bit nervous but anxious to get started you walk through the front doors and you tell the receptionist your name…and of course she/he cannot find you on the employee roster. After waiting in the lobby for an hour someone (not your new boss or HR) comes to tell you that there was a big misunderstanding and that you were originally suppose to come in the next Monday. From there pretty much things start to unravel as your new boss has just been reassigned and will no longer be working with you, your new start work schedule has changed, there’s no formal on-boarding schedule in place etc etc….you are now thinking “Did I Make A Terrible Mistake???

An organized, prepared, efficient and thorough “On-boarding Process” is the most critical first step in anyone’s career…so why is it NOT implemented either effectively or at all? What are your thoughts how important is the new hire “On-boarding Process”?

Have you ever started with a new company and on the first day…you knew it was a mistake? “TSPN” Talk Radio:


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