“And Then….We’ll All FORGET”!

A few weeks ago you all remember that we were all saddened about the death of Whitney Houston millions tweeted, “you-tubed”, and cried “After” (I’m emphasizing the word “After”) she passed….where were these people prior to her demise? The Whitney Houston story took the entire world hostage…..now its becoming a distant memory (“We’ll All Forget”). KONY 2012 just a week ago took the world by storm the KONY 2012 video went viral in 2-days the entire global consciousness directed it’s energies towards the abuse and suffering children and families were facing in Uganda at the hands of this terrible man “KONY”. Then the CEO/CO-Founder of the KONY 2012 movement goes off the deep end everyone now is growing skeptical of the cause, the story is not as much in our face….now it’s becoming a distant memory (“We’ll All Forget”). Now we have the Trayvon Martin death which took place a month ago now capture all of our attention and this story alone has precipitated me to enter content on this blog. Like most have stated in the media (and believe me I’ll get on the media in a second) Trayvon Martin’s death could have been my death earlier in my life as a young black man. I was considerably blessed growing up to have parents who schooled me (“The Talk”) at a very young age about the potential bad things that could happen to me but they DID NOT shelter me but allowed me to experience everything life could offer. You see, they made sure I was not afraid of the “boogey man” but that I had a strong respect for elders, authority….and myself thus I never met trouble. The Trayvon Martin story however concerns and scares me because for one that could have been anyone of our children and this whole “race thing” albeit still an albatross around all of our necks quite frankly is masking the underlying problem….and that is “IGNORANCE”. You may disagree with my next statement but “We Are ALL Ignorant”! I live in a relatively nice neighborhood on the east coast and I’m not happy to say when I see young white men walking around aimlessly I do wonder “Did I lock the doors of my house”? “Where are they going”? “What did they just get into”? Is that me being racist towards white people or….ignorance. The point is we all have our biases and stereotypes around things we either haven’t been educated on or importantly have any experience with which is what? Yes, “Ignorance”. We do have pure racist among us and I do feel sorry for them because they must really suffer everyday knowing when they step out of their house the world is NOT on their side…and thus it has to be an unhappy existence. What I’m really afraid of is this Trayvon Martin tragedy and the bigger story behind this tragedy will fade like everything else and become a distant memory (“We’ll All Forget”). When will we all say “NO” we are not going to forget this one and come up with solutions to fight “IGNORANCE”??? Does anyone have an answer to that?

“The Media”…..yep “The Media”. Now, I’m not one to constantly complain about the media because I see exactly what they are about and why they do what they do. The media (including now social media)  is in the “Ignorance” business because they capitalize on our laziness and willingness to stay ignorant….H*ll they’re making a lot of money based on our “Ignorance”. The media provides us the “Soup of the day” we eat it and as soon as we finish the delicious soup…they create another pot of soup and that becomes the “Soup of the day”. Unfortunately, I think the Trayvon Martin story is the “Soup of the day”….and then (“We’ll All Forget).

PLEASE!!!!! Let’s not all forget this one! Let’s reach out and learn about one another’s culture, interests, adversities, and heart (yes “heart”)…..and let’s put an end to “IGNORANCE”!!


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