“Building Global Competency”…..teaching the world one step at a time!

Understanding “Culture” is most rewarding when assembling a Global Sales Training Infrastructure. There are nuances that one needs to consider before attempting to build a training global infrastructure…a tedious process but a thorough and respectful step working with a specific country.

It can be a mammoth task in building a sales training infrastructure that reaches global mass but there are some companies taking on this challenge. Understanding the various cultures and the ways in which people communicate with each other has to be the #1 task when strategizing ways to ensure everyone in your company (global wide) is competent in their jobs. What are your thoughts is “Building Sales Training That’s “Global”…a possible feat”?

“Assembling A Global Sales Training Infrastructure”! by “TSPN” Talk Radio: http://bit.ly/GRKECj (Click on link for show details: Tuesday (March 27th) 7pm EST)


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