Is being “Politically Savvy”…being phony?

I have to be honest with you I’m not a fan of “Politics”…. not “government politics” although I certainly have my opinions on that as well (haha). You see I’m not good at politics in fact you can say I’m TERRIBLE at “Politics”, thus, I’m not politically astute. The reality is “Politics” are present and here to stay in just about everything we do and unfortunately or fortunately your success may depend on your ability to be “Political Savvy”. Most of the issues related to “Politics” lie in the world of “Ambiguity” that you see in the workplace, social settings, and sadly among friends. Unfortunately, our society promotes/endorses what the correct thing to say is, how one should look, how one should behave within a “Boxed Structure”. Please don’t misinterpret I’m not saying we should be a society where chaos rules and where societal guidelines on decorum are thrown out the window…no I’m supporting that. We have as a society however place such a premium on “Getting Ahead At All Costs” even if it means NOT representing ourselves honestly and with integrity. The danger that occurs sometimes with “Politics” is that nothing IS what it appears…everything is a plastic representation of reality, which is scary if you think about it.

But the reality again is that we are govern by these unwritten rules (“The Ambiguity”) of “Politics” and identifying/understanding these complex social norms are critical to our survival in this complex world.

(The “Life Of Ambiguity”) No matter what you do in life I guarantee you there are “Politics” involved and your awareness of that reality is job #1. There are many varying opinions on how one can survive in a life of continuous politics, however, the one thing that is very clear…. you can’t and will not be able to avoid “Politics. What are your thoughts? Is being “Politically Savvy”…being phony?

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“How To Be Political Savvy” 04/24 by The Sales Professional Network | Blog Talk Radio:


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