“Looking Presidential”……is this REALLY important?

I’ve just listened to some folks on a recent internet radio show (internet radio is becoming the NEW medium) argue with each other over What/Who looks “Presidential”….I do wish I could have that 20 minutes back in my life. Now, I’m NOT naive to think there are people out there who place a tall priority on how someone looks regarding their leadership potential and our first impression of someone is important…but should that be the defining feature??? I’m the first to admit that I believe in being polished and I try myself to project an image of maturity, capability, and competence but I also know that once I open my mouth if the articulation isn’t there people will NOT care if I have a “Brooks Brothers” suit on. My issue is that we place way too much emphasis on this superficial observation, and now we’re talking about Governor Romney & President Obama…who looks more “Presidential”.  I read a story a while back that talked about how President William Harding was a “Regal” figure and he primarily won the presidency based on his appearance as a tall/distinguish looking man that some said “Just Commanded A Room”…..whatever “commanding” the room means. Many have said President Harding was one of our worst presidents…I guess you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I had to take a moment to scribble this quick blog entry and plead with those who read this article by saying sure it’s okay to examine one’s outer exterior because it does give us some clue on how that person feel about themselves…..but I plead with you to NOT stop there please measure their integrity, honesty, sincerity, and importantly “COMPETENCY”!

Thanks for reading my venting!



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