Is Being “Inspirational” Loss In Our Sales Leadership?

There are many who claim themselves to be “Motivational” sales leaders those who can “Motivate” others to succeed…but the question is how long does that motivation last??? To inspire others confirms a commitment and dedication to help/support and nurture those to be sales professionals and even better human beings. With the many responsibilities piled on the plate of  a sales leader is it possible that many are losing that opportunity to really “Inspire” their sales team? Are you an “Inspirational” sales leader? Your ability to inspire your people is paramount sure it’s the big thing to “motivate” them but motivation sometimes fizzles, how do you keep your team inspired to consistently achieve? Are some people just born with “Inspirational” leadership skills? Many questions that have a wide variety of answers, what are your thoughts “Is Being Inspirational Loss In Our Sales Leadership?

We have the infamous Carson Heady sharing his thoughts on how to be an “Inspirational Sales Leader”

May 22nd 7pm (EST) on The Sales Professional Network (BlogTalk Radio & I-Tunes)


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