Is “Failure” in the sales profession more important than “Winning”?

Yeah, I know from the heading I’m sure your immediate response is “That’s Ludicrous” how can failure be more beneficial than winning? On it’s face it does seem ridiculous to say not being successful at a given point of your life is beneficial….oh but it is. Without failure you do not have winning, without winning you do not have failure… contention is we can gain exponentially from failure. What are the specific things we all can learn from failure and how can we look at the act of “Failure” differently especially when it comes to the sales profession. Sure, this is a different way to look at success/winning but I think many of you would agree that what you learn and develop from failure makes winning so exulting…because we know what it took to get there! Your thoughts?

Please join our show where we’ll have a panel discussion with two top executives that have their own take on this subject….you will NOT want to miss this insightful and informative show!!

Tuesday June 19th 7pm (EST) Just click on the link:


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