Is “Professionalism”…. obsolete?

Let me start out by saying I’m a “FAN” of freedom of expression I consider us all extremely blessed that we live in a country that allows freedom of expression……this is NOT the case in many other countries. Now, while my pontification focuses more on the business environment where I think we’ve taken the term “Business Casual” to a whole new level….I am NOT a fan of wearing flip flops to work. Before you jump on me I understand there are work atmospheres that allow HECK encourage such a dress code but at what point do we say “There Is No More Such A Thing As Professionalism”? Professionalism can be characterized in the way you speak, carry yourself, respectfulness, and of course unfortunately/fortunately the way you look.

The one true thing I really hate about having this discussion is that it opens up a “Can of Worms” when it comes down to how we judge each other, and the stereotypes we have of each other based on how you look and this is before we even get a chance to get to know one another. This is REAL TALK, we make our decisions, interpretations, evaluations of each other in that first few seconds and I’m sure some of you would say “I could give a rats “A” what someone else thinks of me at first glance……I think those who say that aren’t being truthful. We all whether it’s going into a job interview, meeting someone on that first date, trying to lock up a business deal want to have the best favorable first impression so when I hear people say they could care less I don’t believe that.

Having years of experience in the sales business we as sales professionals understand that often times the deal is made in some cases before you even open your mouth….our business in many cases is built on that first impression and “Professionalism” is paramount.

I would like your thoughts on this and again I’m not a “Stick in the mud” when it comes to “Free Expression” however I do think the line has become very blurred.

Please leave me your comments (Thanks!!)



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