Are you a “DEMANDING” boss? How is it working for you?

“Horrible Bosses” is a movie…but there is some realism to that movie!

We all have in our careers unless you’ve been your own boss your entire life dealt with “Bosses” who were just downright impossible to work with….perhaps you’ve been that difficult boss yourself. There is a perception out there that dealing with someone in the work enviornment that’s difficult is nearly impossible to overcome and reconcile. I guess you could ask the question is having “High Expectations” of your salespeople/employees considered “Demanding”? My contention has always been it’s how you treat people regardless whether you’re in a leadership position or not…the respect you provide often times is the respect you recieve in return.

In my experience whenever there’s a breakdown in an interaction or relationship  it seems to always be attributed to a lack of what I call “Specific Communication”. Too many times in my humble opinion we just write off that “Communication” in it’s most general definition is the most important activity in any interaction or relationship….while this is true shouldn’t we ask the question “What is it about COMMUNICATION specifically that makes it so important”? The act of “Communication” has so many tenacles and meanings depending on who you ask that sometimes hearing someone talk about “Communication”….is sometimes a “Communication Breakdown” (haha!!). With “ALL” that said whenever there’s a negative situation where you have a “Boss” and “Subordinate” interaction where it’s so toxic in terms of “Specific Communication” one party feels their expectations aren’t being met and the other party feels they’re being disrespected or ran over…..yes there is a “Communication” problem BUT WHAT KIND??

Our upcoming show Tuesday July 31st 7pm (EST) we’re going to address this issue and importantly attack it from the perspective of the “Boss” and “Employee”… there a way that both parties can work together in a highly stressed enviornment productively and harmoniously?

Show Link:  (Tuesday July 31st 7pm EST)



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