What is “Vuja De” and HOW can it “Fulfill” Your LIFE?

At first blush I thought this was just another “Motivational” theme that is here today….gone tomorrow. Those of you in the sales business (and by no means am I putting down the “Multi-Level-Marketing” industry) are aware of the many “Creative” initiatives that are thrown in our faces as ways to make a great deal of money, and I’m the type of person who is very skeptical of outfits who tell me I can make millions in two days……I’m sure you know what I mean.

We are very excited to have a “Thought Leader” who is NOT interested in selling you ANYTHING….but is interested in helping you understand the “Vuja De” concept which is only there to provide you what YOU want!

Tuesday Sept 4th 7pm (EST) please join me as we welcome Mr. Simon T. Bailey to our broadcast!

(Click on link for details):


Simon T. Bailey is a compelling thought catalyst whose vision is to inspire 10% of the 7 Billion on the planet to release their brilliance and create the future. Organizations around the world recognize him as a high-impact business thinker who keenly understands the needs of his audiences, and individuals from around the world look to him for personal mentoring.

Always solutions-oriented, Simon challenges everyone to find and ignite the spark of brilliance they carry inside and then provides the tools needed to get radiant results. He is a leader of learning, inspiring thousands of readers with his breakout masterpiece, Release Your Brilliance, published by HarperCollins. His highly anticipated new book, The Vujá dé Moment! Shift from Average to Brilliant, invites readers to shift their thinking, creating a disruption from the norm that ignites creativity, drives productivity and increases accountability.

In 2003, Simon’s passion to help others shift from average to brilliant led to the creation of the Brilliance Institute, a consulting firm that has successfully worked with more than 400 Fortune 1000 companies.

Simon resides in Orlando, Florida where he enjoys spending time with his wife, Renee, their children, Daniel, Madison, and their dog, Max, a teacup Maltese.



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