“I Want A Sales Job…but it’s too darn COMPETITIVE”!

Let’s face it interviewing for any job these days is ultra-competitive…I know this first hand. However, I always think to myself that even with all that said somebody is securing these positions, why not you? Now, I want to be “REAL” here there are reasons that are out of our control as to why we may not get that desired sales position/job and that cannot be disputed….but that doesn’t mean YOU give up.

By nature and job description “Sales” is a competitive “Sport”/”Discipline” that demands excellence and consistent performance day in day out. So, it stands the reason that employers today who obviously have the pick of the litter because of the access of talent can be analytical in which they choose to represent their corporation. The best thing you can do is prepare like no other and look for ways to separate yourself from the seas of talent out there….and that becomes the question HOW DO YOU STAND OUT?

As I’ve mentioned and will reiterate there are reasons that are out of our control as why we didn’t get that job (i.e. culture fit, motivational fit, race/gender/religion fit…let’s keep it real, and other hidden reasons)….we have to be able to wade through these things and find that ultimate “Re-Invention” of ourselves.

What are your thoughts are you giving up because it’s too competitive or have you considered ways to enhance your candidacy? Let me know

“Competing For That Sales Job and….WINNING”!

Hosted by The Sales Professional Network on Tuesday Sept 11th 7:00 PM EDT Talk Radio  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aharrell2000/2012/09/11/competing-for-that-sales-joband-winning


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