Are You A “LONELY” Sales Professional?

No…..this is not an attempt to start an online dating service for sales professionals (although, it could be a brilliant business idea…hahaha!!).

I have been in the sales business for close to 30 years and while most of those years has been in a sales leadership capacity I do remember the years where I was the lone salesman out in a territory trying to drum up business….now they uniquely call it “BD” – Business Development. The life of a salesman can be extremely exciting and it can be an extreme “GRIND” and coping during the times when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed and tussling with uncooperative customers can be tough. Back then I used to feel like I was out there on an island by myself tackling the problems of the world and dealing with issues NO ONE could relate to. Sure, I had sales manager back then but because they had 9 other sales professionals to deal with I only really had him with me in the territory once every two months….really I’m serious. With the advancement of technology these days there has been an improvement with communications you have with colleagues, senior sales management etc, however, I would argue that this same technology has moved us farther away from each other because we’ve relied so much on impersonal contact as opposed to face-to-face connection.

But, as they say if you don’t change with the times you’ll be left behind….unchanged!

If you are at a point where you feel like you’re the only one dealing with issues, problems, challenges that face your profession as a sales professional I ask you to join us every Tuesday night 7pm (EST) on “The Sales Professional Network where you’ll be in direct contact with other sales professionals around the globe…facing similar challenges. Click on link below and follow us:


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