“Coaching The Coach”….the leadership of RESPECT!

I’m not one who reads my daily horoscope but after having one of those bored moments I decided to peek at what my day would entail and if it’s something I should consider….to my somewhat surprise this is what I pulled out of the fortune cookie:

“By living a generous life, you become an inspiration to the people around you. Someone in your social circle who’s known for being inflexible is suddenly realizing that they are not the only person on earth. Your good example is part of the reason they are changing! Your influence is widening, and may begin to affect people in your professional or scholastic life as well. Your leadership qualities should not be camouflaged: You need to own them, and use them”.

Before reading this daily horoscope I had already decided that I wanted to blog on the relationship between the “Coach” and “Coachee” and that relationship between what one would say are the battle of “Egos”. Having been in sales leadership positions in my career I have had experience coaching/managing sales directors and what I’ve found to be the biggest obstacle between the 2 leadership categories is RESPECT. Now, just bringing about that word “Respect” implies that the relationship between the “Coach” & “Coachee” is a disrespectful one and that is NOT the case here. On the contrary, I would say in many cases the relationship between the two leadership factions is a cordial one, however, often times you see that invisible cloud between them that reads “My Leadership Ways Are Best”…..that’s a fact. You see (and I think those of you in a leadership position would agree) the time, sweat, and yes tears that one has to endure to make it to a leadership position is a journey worth a GREAT deal of respect….and once that step has been gained “EGO” does come into play. I always tried to pay sincere and humble homage of “Respect” to my leadership team and in turn I expected the same amount of humility back and I’ll admit sometimes that reciprocity was not there. A general management executive, CEO, VP certainly has to have a level of competency to be able to get the maximum effort, performance, and “Respect” from their direct reports who in most cases are leaders in their own right. Unfortunately, we’ve seen people placed in these higher level leadership roles not have the required skill sets to lead such a mature audience and the ramifications are devastating. Everyone has their opinion on what GREAT leadership entails and I’ve often said on many occasions that “Leadership” is in the eyes of the beholder, however, what’s universal in my eyes has always been the ability to “Lead By Example”….that will always stick with me as a pre-requisite for anyone to be successful in a higher leadership role.

Checkout my presentation on “Coaching the Coach”. Please contact me if you’re interested in having me come to your company to consult/facilitate and execute a “Management Coaching Program” that works tremendously. Contact me at andre.harrell@ah2andbeyond.com or 267-221-8529. This presentation is just a sample of our strategy plan…Thanks!!!

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 Coaching the Coach strategy plan example:

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