Are YOU “Bagging It In” For The 2012 Sales Year?! DON’T!

Hey!! SALES PROFESSIONALS…how are you “Closing” the 2012 year? I hope sincerely you’re not bagging it in and thinking about 2013…Finishing this year strong is a true testament of the consummate “Sales Professional. Often times we just assume that the 4th quarter of any sales year is a wrap up of what took place during the year and I’m here to tell you that is faulty/defeatist thinking. I have personally seen sales people/sales teams come out of nowhere to finish at the top based on their performance in the final 4th quarter of the sales year….have you ever heard of the saying “The Game Is Not Over Till The Whistle Blows” well that’s the analogy here.  The key is to identify areas of opportunity where “Buyers” are scrambling to empty their inventories before year end and most of them are forecasting as we speak their beginning inventory for 2013…..YOU HAVE TO GET IN ON THAT DISCUSSION! True, a lot of buyers/purchasing folks shun at seeing sales people prior to wrapping up their P&L’s before the end of the year, however, if you can help them manage their ending inventory and setting up sales analysis for their pre-orders for 2013…you’ll be GOLDEN.

Bottom line; ask yourself are you taking some calculated/strategic “Risks” to finish the 2012 sales year strong? Are you bagging it in with the thinking that the year is done? I hope not because some of your competitors are probably thinking like me that this is the ripe time to drive your 2012 sales business through the roof….and set yourself up for a GREAT 2013 start.

Join me Oct 2nd Tuesday at 7pm (EST) where we’ll provide you Strategies and Tactics to finish your 2012 sales year with a BANG…and NOT a whimper!

Click on link for this show:


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