“Inside Sales Teams”….would you use them are they EFFECTIVE?

There are a variety of opinions from those in the sales profession on the effectiveness of “Inside Sales Teams”, however, the opinion that appears to be universal is that they do provide a service one needs to examine more in depth. Most people agree that it’s difficult to compete with the usual “Face-to-Face” contact with customers enjoyed by the “Outside Sales Team”, but, we’re now seeing that with limited resources (e.g. leaning sales forces, cut-back in expenses etc) companies are now searching for ways to get in front of customers more frequently…..therein lies the opportunity for the “Inside Sales Team”.

The question comes….How “EFFECTIVE” can an “Inside Sales Team” be towards improving business? Would YOU use them?

We have 2 “Inside Sales Team” experts to share their thoughts on the subject and provide reasons why YOU should consider the use of an “Inside Sales Team” & “Infrastructure” to help drive your business.

Please join us for what should be an informative and captivating show!!

Oct 30th 7pm (EST) “Inside Sales Teams”….should businesses consider them? “TSPN”




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