What “Hurricane Sandy”….has taught me!

First, let me solemnly agree with the saying that “HELL HAS NO WRATH LIKE A WOMEN SCORNED”

At my age and how long I’ve been on this earth I’ve developed a reasonable perspective on life and that is….it doesn’t last long. With the recent horrific events that have taken place because of “Hurricane Sandy” once again all of us as Americans (Human Beings) we’re forced to stop in our tracks and regain a healthier realistic view on “Life”. I’m currently writing this blog at a “Panera’s Bread” my home for the last week because we do not have power at our residence, however, when I think about my current plight I can’t help but think how blessed (not lucky!) our family is in “Perspective” (there’s that word again) to others who are in terrible straits. People have sent well wishes to me and I have quickly snapped back “PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE WORST OFF…and there are plenty”. We’ve had significant disasters like this; does “Hurricane Trina” come to mind? What was interesting about that nightmare is that it stayed in the media intensely for a few weeks, then it turned into politics, then it turned into “poor evil black people” taking advantage of the system, and then it went away like the wind…..

How will the “Hurricane Sandy” story play out?

It’s still young and the hurricane is on everyone’s mind and guess what it’s found itself in the “Political” landscape the only thing missing right now is the “poor evil…people”.

Getting back to the key word here “Perspective” once again we’re pushed back to realizing that what, how, and when we “HELP” each other during this thing called life whether it’s because of a natural disaster et al….we NEED to start taking care of one another a bit better. During these types of disasters there’s no “Biases”, no “Prejudices”, no “Stereotypes” and NO HATE….sometimes it really makes you wonder if the Lord intends this so that we ALL get this “Perspective”….it does bring us sometimes closer together.

What I learned from “Hurricane Sandy” you might ask? (other than “HELL HAS NO WRATH LIKE A WOMEN SCORNED” haha!!) I’ve learned once again that “Life Is Not For Long” and if I can continue to help just 1 more person at a time…I’ll consider my time on this earth a successful one.


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