“I was the “TOP SALESPERSON”….why was I fired”?

If you’ve been in any type of job that has an office….chances are you’ve experienced “Office Politics” & “Turf Wars”. There are tremendous amounts of opinions on what signifies “Office Politics” or “Turf Wars”….but we are finding out that sometimes just having top sales performance doesn’t mean your job is secure. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to work excel at your job and receive all of the rewards, accolades and fruits of your labor? Absolutely, it would be nice but most of us know that is not reality on the contrary it’s probably 35% of your job….that’s the “dark/ugly” secret. We’ve all come in contact with the “Good Time Charlie” the guy or gal that has a knack for “schmoozing” and cajoling everyone at the office, and what annoys us the most about this person is that they’re the first ones to get promoted or elevate up the corporate ladder. Let’s go ahead and admit it being good at “Office Politics” does have its benefits but the verdict is still out on its longevity. You see I’ve always been one who has questioned the future of someone who relies totally on their acumen to “Con” (yes I said it) their way to the top…..in other words these types of people get found out sooner or later. However, in the meantime those who excel in their sales positions often find themselves “odd man out” because of their inability to melt into the “good ole boy” environment.

Dealing with internal “Turf Wars” is a beast within itself because it illustrates so many behaviors (e.g. Overbearingly Competitive, Fear of Losing Job, Jealousy, Selfishness etc.), and what I find that when these “Art of War” behaviors exist it can literally bring a corporation to it’s knees. We live in a time unfortunately where not only is it difficult to find a job….keeping a job is just as tough. Unless you work for yourself its clear working for someone else is no longer a secure position to be in, and battling for what seems to be your “lively hood” with another colleague is an act of survival.

Tuesday Nov 13th 7pm (EST) on “The Sales Professional Network” we speak to Sylvia Lafair President (CEOInc) Creative Energy Options, Inc “Workplace Relationship & Leadership Development Expert on the topic: Dealing with “Office Politics” & “Turf Wars”…how do I survive?

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3 responses to ““I was the “TOP SALESPERSON”….why was I fired”?

    • Absolutely Dale!! It’s definitely a shame and I can speak from personal experience. Thanks for the comment buddy!

  1. Absolutely Dale!! It’s definitely a shame and I can speak from personal experience. Thanks for the comment buddy!

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