2013 the year of “Self-Reflection”…for the sales professional!

Will you be recycling the same ole personal sales goals from this past year over to 2013? I hope not…that’s the easy/lazy way out and I can guarantee that you will not experience the marked sales you’re expecting for the coming year.

In my humble opinion the coming year 2013 will be the year of “Self-Reflection” where it’s going to be critical to microscopically do an inventory on one’s on “Competencies” or “Skill Set”. I’m sure most of your 2013 plans will encompass different approaches to target and engage customers, identify areas where you can become more efficient in your operations….and yes hopefully consider “Hiring” (we ALL need to do our part in helping the economy turn around by “Hiring”). However, we’re moving into a world where “EVERYONE” from top to bottom are going to have to prove their worth whether it’s looking for employment….or keeping their current employment in tact. Yes, I’m calling 2013 the year of “ACCOUNTABILITY”. Companies are becoming more leaner and specific in their approach to their business and whenever you hear becoming more “Leaner” that in most cases mean a re-evaluation or cut-back in personnel (e.g. sales personnel).

So, as a sales professional you’ll have to ask yourself prior to the coming year “What’s My Value”, “What Skills/Talents Do I Have That Separates me From The Crowd” etc. 2013 will be the year of taking a hyper focus inventory on your personal “Competency” & “Skill Set”, you agree? If so, will you be doing something different in the coming year to improve your “Skill Set” or “Personal Development”?

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