BE HONEST….where do you rank your “Selling Skills”?

If you ask any sales professional what they think about their “Selling Skills” I’ll guarantee you most would say “GREAT”!
Most if not the majority of those in the sales profession do not lack confidence with a smidgen of arrogance and it really is analogous to asking a
professional athlete “Are you good at what you do”? Of course they’re going to say “The Best”. Our profession (the sales profession) doesn’t allow for a lack of sales confidence because our very livelihood depends on always hearing the 3 letter word “YES”. However, I really feel that moving into next year 2013 andbeyond we’ll all need to step back and take an honest inventory on our most important attribute…selling skill. You see, for whatever reason in the sales profession often times basic selling skills are ignored or kicked to the side because of the rudimentary of their nature. Listening, Probing, Identifying Needs, Addressing Solutions are common basic selling attributes that are often overlooked because it’s just assumed that these traits are a given….but they’re never executed. Customers find sales people who just “Listen” most of the time they’re best sales people, and listening by far is the one area we ALL can improve on. We have a lot of salespeople out there that are wonderful “Business Planning” people, but, when you place them in front of a customer….well let’s just say it’s a struggle. Constantly improving one’s own competency is a humbling and self-defacing which is probably the reason it’s often ignored because it shines the light on YOU.

Those who enjoy sales success next year and beyond will embrace “Personal Inventory” and “Humility” by consistently looking at areas to improve their developed competency…”Basic Selling Skills”! If you think about it isn’t it what our customers deserve? What are your thoughts on this subject?

Click on link to hear the GREAT show on this subject:


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