2013 Resolution….losing my “Mind Weight”!

Yes, I made up the term “Mind Weight”….sounds stupid doesn’t it? Hear me out on this one. At the 1st of the year the health and fitness industry makes a boat load of money because everyone’s new year resolution is of course “losing weight”…..and then by March everyone goes back to their usual lives of eating ridiculously. That window of making huge profits is give or take 2 or 3months tops for the “Weight Watchers” of the world.  A resolution that I think should be more focused on is how we ALL free our minds of the toxic/weighted ills of our world. It’s been a very rough few years with the economy, weather….and yes the nightmarish horrific crimes we’ve seen in the last 2 years.

Losing “Mind Weight” is attempting to remove all of those things that cause each us to NOT reflect on what’s important….our faith, family and each other. I’ve personally have had a tough 3 years and I’m hoping 2013 is a bounce back year for me, however, the perspective I’ve loss is to not have a more conscious thought on why the past 3 years might have been the best 3 years for me based on what I’ve learned. The reason for this blog entry is that when I reflect on the past 3 years yeah they’ve been tough business wise but through that I have had a loving wife, two of the greatest dogs in the world, my health and sometimes a witty sense of humor… all hasn’t been lost during the past 3 years for me. This is what I mean by losing “Mind Weight”, the past 3 years I’ve worried selfishly about everything affecting me and not spending more time thinking about the well-being of others and how that in turn can help me therapeutically. The weight of world has been on my mind and I have no one to blame for that but myself and I’ve made the conscious effort to change that going into the 2013 year. Just like trying to lose weight I’ll probably at some point fall off the wagon next year and bring stress to my mind but I’ll have to stay disciplined for this will be one of the biggest goals/resolution I’ve set for myself in a very long time. We’ve all heard the statement “Keeping Life in Perspective” but how many of us really do and what does that really mean???? Well, I’m going to give it the ole homer try and see where it takes me next year. I figure I have very little to lose it’s not something I should lose sleep over right? (haha!!).

If you should choose to do something different next year instead of doing the preverbal losing weight, try losing “Mind Weight” and step outside yourself, reflect, worry less, and help as many as you can…..you may just have the best year of your life in 2013!

Servant Leadership   Dred1230


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