You’re Fired…..Pharma No Longer Safe Haven


You know back in the 80’s and early 90’s (I’m dating myself) the Pharmacetuicals Sales Business was a thriving place to be, you could make very nice money and a very comfortable living in that industry. Back then however it was extremely difficult to get into the industry because of the financial gains and perceived“security”….so you can imagine to this day I have no idea how I landed in the Pharmaceuticals Sales Business other than to say it was a blessing from GOD. My mother still clowns me to this day when I told her I got a job in Pharmaceutical Selling, she was like “Boy, you can’t even pronounced Pharmaceuticals”! hahahaha!!!

Well, the industry that I practically grew up in has gone through a lot of changes some have said for the worst and many have said the changes were predictable even back then.

To help me chop up the subject “You’re Fired”…..Pharma No Longer Safe Haven! Are two partners of mine that have been on the show previously and two cats that are at the top of their present fields and like me practically grew up in the Pharma Business and can share probably more than I can on the present state of the Pharma industry and where it should go. Sid Mallory Vice President Sales at McKesson Health Systems and Gary Stair Vice President Business Development. Both Sid & Gary as I’ve mentioned were guests on a previous show named “Why Failure Is More Important Than Winning In Sales” and you can check out that show in the archives function here on blog talk radio on the home page “The Sales Professional Network” or you can find it on I-Tunes by just typing in the search on I-Tunes “The Sales Professional Network”.
I’m very happy to have back on the show Sid & Gary!

Take a listen to the broadcast: Click on Link: “YOU’RE FIRED”….Pharma no longer safe haven! at


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