Can You Be “IRREPLACEABLE”….competing against the WORLD?

Best Salesperson

We’re back in the studio “LIVE” for this captivating show where we’re going to pursue the million dollar question….Can YOU compete against the world and what VALUE do YOU bring?
We’re no longer individually or as Americans competing among ourselves we’re competing against the globe where there’s talent in abundance and this show will examine ways you can succeed in a global society that appears to evolve each and every day.

The Sales Professional Network is honored to have the esteemed Dr. Fred Maidment, Professor in the Department of Management of the Ancell School of Business at Western Connecticut State University to help us chop up this important subject.
Please join us as we’re back “LIVE” for what should be a transcending show!

June 18th 7:30pm (EST) (Click on Link):

“Can You Be IRREPLACEABLE…” hosted by The Sales Professional Network on 6/18/2013 7:30 PMEDT #BlogTalkRadio


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