“The Handshake”…is it undervalued?


There must be a “Gazzillion” (if that’s an amount) handshakes a day for any given reason. What brought me to thinking about this blog entry is that I had myself a first meeting with a client and the handshake we had I thought was sincere…which led me to thinking is the “Handshake” undervalued? How often do we shake someone’s hand because that’s what we think we should do? Would if we placed a “Value” on the handshake by only doing so if it meant you sincerely wanted to shake this person’s hand…I wonder from that premise how many handshakes would exist? When acknowledging someone we all say hello or goodbye, however, the handshake is a physical activity because you are actually reaching out to create some bond with that person so I estimate it’s a bit more of an intimate interaction. I think however the “Handshake” has been taken a bit lightly and an activity that takes place whether people want to participate or not. In the sales business there must be more than “Gazillion” handshakes a day and quite frankly most of those interactions are superficial if not plastic at best (hahaha!!). As a somewhat civil society I understand the handshake is a commonality of introduction but it should also be an interaction based on sincerity, honesty and willingness to connect with the person you’re about to interact with.
The next time you go to shake someone’s hand are you doing it because it’s what you should do…or you sincerely want to shake that persons hand.
Food for Thought!

By Andre’ Harrell (AH & Beyond Consulting)
Website: http://ah2andbeyond.com/


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