Will Your Salespeople Run Through A Brick Wall For You?

running through brick wall

Will Your Salespeople Run Through A Brick Wall For You?

I don’t care what business you’re in your ability to “Inspire” and get the most out of your direct reports remains to be an obscure trait. Having been in the sales business for many years as an individual sales contributor and sales leader I’ve yet to put my finger on that magic trait that some people have in getting others to follow. Now, I “hear” most of you reading this passage yelling “it’s “Charisma”, “Charm”, “Intelligence”, “Good Looks”, “Being Famous” etc etc etc……..all traits that do not guarantee support from others. Let’s look at it this way if you’ve been in any relationship whether being married, “BFF”s, or work colleagues I think many of you would agree that these traits fade over time right? When you meet me for the first time I’m pretty charismatic with a sprinkle of intelligence but that doesn’t mean you have my best interest, you may not have my interest for a few meetings….that’s the reality of our existence as human beings. People either follow, support, and yes LOVE those who have their best interest over time. I literally laugh hysterically when I come in contact with people who brag about the number of twitter followers they have as if to say “I’m more important than you because so many people follow me” and the kicker is most of these people have “PAID” for the followers (hahaha!!) how crazy is that??!!
I’ve come to realize that in order to really inspire and obtain the most out of your salespeople, you must put in the time by telling them the “WHAT”/”WHY”/”WIIFT” (“What’s In It For Them”). Truly it’s the 3 W’s that should be the consistent message over time to your salespeople. The outline explains each below:

WHAT: What is the strategy/goal that you are trying to accomplish as a “Team”? Is that strategy/goal a realistic attainment (“the impossible” while inspiring may fade to a pipe dream that can under mind your credibility).

WHY: Why should we do this? You have to cogently explain with “confidence” the purpose of this particular undertaking. The “Why” is where many sales leaders fail at getting support from their salespeople because they either ASSUME there’s an understanding of “Why”…..or heck sometimes they don’t know “Why”.

WIIFT: What does all this mean for me? Salespeople are some of the most narcissistic human beings on the planet earth; I know this because I’m one of them. This is by far the most important “W” out of the 3 because it takes focus, patience, and humility on the part of the sales leader because it’s all about the sales person. The “WIIFT” when done with sincerity, support and caring will truly have “Your Salespeople Run through a Wall for You”. There are many things you can do to master the “WIIFT”, contact me and I can share a few of those jewels with you.

There’s a reason why there are consistent champions as Head Coaches, CEO’s, Teachers, and Sales Leaders and the recipe doesn’t have to be purchased out of some book at Barnes & Noble or from some high paid “Motivational Speaker”, it comes down to “WHAT”, “WHY”, “WIIFT” and caring about what matters most to the other person……..THAT’S HOW YOUR SALESPEOPLE WITHOUT HESITATION RUN THROUGH A BRICK WALL FOR YOU!


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