Can’t Get Your Customers To Commit? GO HOME!

Yeah, I agree the title is a bit harsh……the “Sales Business” can be harsh. During this time of year all companies with a salesforce infrastructure are being instructed to “GET THAT CUSTOMER TO COMMIT”, and my only observation to that is to say it may be too late. Typically this battle cry of getting customers to commit comes about when it appears sales forecast goals for the year may not be met and there’s a last minute push to make up ground……as a “Sales Dinosaur” been there done that. Having gone through that song and dance now for almost 30 years I’ve come to appreciate the fact that if you have not laid the groundwork properly throughout the course of the year what makes you think you’re going to get any increase business with that customer at the end of the year? Thinking about it from a customer standpoint it’s not surprising they close the blinds, lock the doors, and go on a quick vacation just to avoid salespeople knocking at their door this time of year.
In my humble opinion getting customers to commit should be the easiest part of selling because there should be a great deal of respect for “The Sales Process”. From the 1st time you meet with the customer getting a commitment should be a natural part of “The Sales Process” with that customer (e.g. commitment for next meeting, commitment to have lunch, commitment to get on next week’s itinerary, and commitment to move closer to the “Buying Decision”. Getting customers to buy should be the normal part of “The Sales Process”…..heck if you’ve done your work upfront the customer should be selling YOU to sell them (I’ve seen this happen with great salespeople). This is why I’ve been very tough on sales teams I’ve lead because it’s all about “The Sales Process” that leads up to getting customers to commit and having that accountability is critical.
There are a series of events you need to accomplish throughout the year to attain “Customer Commitment” below is a graphic that can help you prepare and respect “The Sales Process”. For a session on how to utilize this form to obtain consistent commitments from your customers you can contact me at: (267-221-8529). Our website:
Andre’ Harrell (AH2 & Beyond Consulting, llc)



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