“INSPIRATION” is the new happiness….just as difficult to find!


As we come close to closing out the 2013 year, something for you to think about heading into 2014! Find “INSPIRATION” and you’ll discover “HAPPINESS”!

Sure, we are going through some rough times as a nation…as a world, how do we get through it? To become inspired these days takes some effort and whether or not you are completely happy with your life EVERYONE needs to feel inspired at times. I’m sure those of you reading this article are going through some sort of rough patch as we all do at some point in our lives and from that finding that gold nugget of inspiration can be all the rehabilitation we need. Now, in my humble opinion being inspired is much more satisfying than this notion of being motivated. To me “being motivated” is the act of having to do something whether I want to or not (and in some cases this action in warranted), however, to be inspired or having inspiration is a positive mental adrenaline rush that’s very productive. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat through motivational speeches by retired athletes, past their prime celebrities or self help gurus all hired by companies I’ve worked for to get us “Pumped Up”. Now this “mind motivational speak” typically works for the time you’re at the meeting but it slowly dissipates when you arrive back home to face your “reality life”. Furthermore, the message you get from these “motivational experts” is how bad their lives were and how they picked themselves up by the boot straps and became successful. Now do not get me wrong these messages can be powerful and somewhat motivating…but “Inspiring” I’m not sure. I’ll admit sometimes I think to myself while sitting through these lectures “How Does This Apply to ME”?? It’s a selfish thought but I bet many of you have felt the same way. To inspire someone is to totally separate yourself from the situation and totally engulf yourself in the other person you wish to inspire. I’ve been asked on many interviews I’ve had recently how I would inspire a sales organization and my response to that question is to first demonstrate “humility” and to the best of my ability treat each and every person as if they were the center of my universe…not in a manipulative fashion but a support framework and sometimes that’s just LISTENING.
As I’ve mentioned earlier we all need inspiration or the need to be inspired and it takes a true leader to understand the difference between motivating someone versus inspiring them, you see to inspire is everlasting to motivate is momentary. I wish to inspire those I come in contact with because if I can inspire you it inspires me…and that is what we all need right now “INSPIRATION”.

By Andre’ Harrell (AH2 & Beyond Consulting)


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