Setting Your New Salesperson Up For Success!

New Salesperson

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to interview candidates for sales positions, I think you’ll agree it’s a very challenging task. Interviewing for that “PERFECT” candidate for any position is close to impossible, and the point here is that that entire process is a HUGE PROCESS!

What happens however after you find that “Diamond in the ruff”?

It is absolutely crazy to me that a lot of companies out there will go through an extravagant recruiting and selection processes in order to obtain what they think is the “PERFECT” candidate, and then not have in place a thorough/well thought out “On-boarding Plan” to ensure that “PERFECT” candidate’s success… me that’s criminal. If you think about the costs incurred in bringing in talent to sell your product it’s enormous, some companies/industries provide a company car, expense account, bonus money, and of course a base salary to the “New Sales Hire”, not properly on-boarding them can be a budget drain to any company. I’ve always screamed during my time in corporate America that the on-boarding process for new sales hires should be heavily measured based on R.O.I. thinking/theory. How we properly set up the new sales hire’s on-boarding process can either pay off huge dividends…..or nightmarishly create a train wreck circumstance that can literally bring down an entire sales organization. That is real talk.

There are tons of ways to build a proper “On-boarding” process for your company and I would recommend you have all hands on deck in determining that process; it should not be a work in a “Vacuum” initiative. Building a sustainable and profitable “On-boarding” infrastructure for a sales organization takes time but the pay-off dividends on the backend can be phenomenal….believe me I have a track record of building such an infrastructure.

Check out this presentation that provides an overview on building a successful “On-boarding” process for your New Sales Hires:


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