EXAMPLE “Global Sales & Marketing Plan”…..for Pharma/Medical Device Friends!

"Global Sales & Marketing Business Planning"

For my Pharma/Medical Device/Biotech Compadres!!!

Starting the process of building your next year “Global Sales & Marketing Plan” can truly cause “brain-lock” (haha!!). Believe me there have been times where I had No clue on where to start…..especially if I’ve had a challenging sales year. Putting together a comprehensive (yet concise), “workable”, and all inclusive business plan for the following year can be a challenging task but it’s an extremely critical task to complete.
As we get closer to 2014 I’ll try to the best of my ability help you prepare for a successful sales year next year, and if you have any questions or would like me to help you/your company devise your 2014 strategy plan please do not hesitate to contact me at: andre.harrell@ah2andbeyond.com (267-221-8529) I would be tremendously glad to help. I’ve had wonderful success in my career constructing a global sales & marketing plan that gets results!

Checkout the example plan….I hope it helps you!!

Don’t procrastinate preparing your 2014 “Global Sales & Marketing Plan” Checkout out this example for guidance (“Pharma”/”Medical Device”/”Biotech”)


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