Hello Everyone,

Believe me it’s never been in my DNA to say “The Heck With It I’ll Start My Own Group”!!!!…..until now . I’m not sure how much you are experienced or familiar with Linkedin but I peruse the website often as it serves my needs from a business perspective. You can say it’s my “Facebook” however for business purposes. There are many business groups located on Linkedin some of which I belong to, and one of the things that frustrates me about some of these groups is that many of them don’t allow for “diversity” type thinking. The owners of some of these groups pick and choose WHO they want to participate in discussions and often kick out those they feel don’t toe the line of their thinking… you can imagine this angers me to no end. So, unlike my personality and something I’ve had to personally develop over some time I decided to start my own group that focuses on sales & marketing issues that affect all of us from a global perspective. I have been not only surprised but SHOCKED at the pace of which this group has grown over a short period of time…..a true testament of “when you get frustrated about how something is done and/or ran start your own initiative (an entrepreneur anthem!). I’m so excited about this I had to blog it because it’s a big moral step for me even though it appears to be small pennies….psychologically this is huge for me!
Below is the announcement I sent to the association and if you’re interested in joining us I’d love to have you as a member, it’s a great group of sales & marketing professionals from around the globe….but importantly a great group of people!

Click on link to become a member:

“Global Sales Leadership Association” members

I am very pleased to announce that a milestone has been reached with our group and that is we’re now at a 1000 member strong!!!

I am very excited yet humbled at the “quickness” this group has grown and I’m hoping with your help it’ll continue to grow because we desperately need “Global Dialogue” around the sales & marketing business regardless of industry.
Building this group can only help ALL of us with sharing information that affects all of our business…and life!

This group will continue to be a closed NOT open group because I want to keep the “Integrity” and “Level of Excellence” this group has enjoyed over the past year. Please share this group with your colleagues, friends, and associates who have a passion for sales & marketing on a global stage.



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