Don’t Be Yourself In 2014……be better!


In previous posts I talk about the importance of being “Efficient”, improving your “Competency”, and adding additional “Skills”……all to say “DON’T BE YOURSELF IN 2014….BE BETTER!
We’ve all heard the saying “Just be yourself” and I understand that, no one wants to deal with a phony or someone who lacks integrity but we need to advance beyond that thinking to a higher level of purpose. In the business world I’m assuming many companies have finalized their business strategies for 2014 and planning for their kick-off meetings at the beginning of the year….how many of these meetings will be the same ole retread thinking? In other words they’re just “being themselves”! Doing things differently is a cliché’ that’s become tiresome because NO ONE really wants to change because it takes time, effort, humility, and MONEY thus things get repeated….and things don’t get any better. I personally don’t want to be myself in 2014, I want to be better than myself both personally and professionally, but I know this will not be easy. I’ll have to dive into waters quite frankly I’m not comfortable with and I anticipate moments where I’ll say to myself “To Hell With This”!….but I’ll have to stay the course. So, I will not go through this alone (haha!!) I’m challenging you to “Not Be Yourself in 2014…Be Better”!

If you’re a sales or marketing professional how will you do your job January 3, 2014? Will you be yourself or will you be a “Better Self”? What plans have you put in place to make a DIFFERENCE? I hope these are questions you ask yourself before we head into 2014….it could be the reason why you’re a success or failure in 2014.

A short post that needs no further commentary…….


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