Why did you choose the “Sales Profession”…..regrets?


I thought about this question and honestly it took me some time to think about it……
Let me just say I HAVE NO REGRETS and frankly I feel blessed that I made the right decision in my career path to be the most successful sales & marketing professional I can be. Now, notice I added “Marketing” along with that, I’ll explain that addition later. It’s a question however that I haven’t personally seen presented out there on the “Digital Platform Highway” and I thought I’d present it as a way for all of us to step back and ask ourselves “WHY”. In my humble opinion the question/word “WHY” is the most intelligent, innovative, and still unique nomenclature of our times….and it always will be. Not to digress any further but to say we should ALL pose the question to ourselves on “WHY” we’ve made the decisions we’ve made, and in this case “WHY” did you choose the “Sales Profession” to make your living? It’s okay if it takes you some time as I mentioned it took me a bit of a gander before I came up with some cogent/honest answers. More than a year ago I wrote a blog on why “I Love Sales” and I thought I would present some of those passages just to possibly get your juices flowing when you ask yourself that question (“Why did I choose the sales profession”?)….here goes:

“I Love Sales”

“I Love Sales”. How many times have you heard this from a salesperson? I’m sure you have with some sales people…but not with the majority. Why is this? Why does the statement “I’m a sales person” still give off this negative connotation? Are we not past the terrible door-to-door salesman pitch or the infamous “vacuum cleaner salesman” stereotype? Okay, enough with the questions I’m trying to illustrate upfront that we should be totally past this negative view that ALL sales people are nefarious and unscrupulous. Quite frankly we all sell every day in our lives, negotiating, persuading, and convincing are behaviors we all demonstrate on a day-to-day basis to get what we want in a given situation. Dale Carnegie and others have captured the essence of selling in this very same way and that is “selling is a part of our natural being” it’s a survival trait for each of us. If no one sold something we would not progress as a society…as a world, the sales transaction “advances us”, “improves our lives”, “challenges us”, and in many cases keeps us “ALIVE”. I love selling, I love the art of selling, and I love everything about selling…you probably think I’m trying to sell you on selling…I am. As long as those who do sell for a living have a “help” focus and truly try to achieve “Creating Customer Value” the art or industry of selling I believe will have a marked effect on the perception of selling among the masses. The next time you’re being sold to keep these thoughts in mind and if the sales person doesn’t have your best interests at hand send them over to me for “Basic Sales/Selling Skills Training”.

Again, I wrote the above passage some time ago (I hope I’ve gotten better with my writing skills…I’m still learning haha!!). I’ve shortened the above take dramatically however I still to this day feel the same way about “the sales business”. I truly feel like I make a difference every day in someone’s life…..and it’s not necessarily selling a product. As mentioned above EVERYONE sells in their life whether it’s a product or themselves the “sales process” is part of our universe/natural lives….it’s how we interact with each other on a regular basis.

In explaining “WHY” I added “Marketing” earlier in this post I believe we should never stop learning other crafts to bolster our core skill. While “Sales” is my core skill adding “Marketing”, “Sales Training”, “Sales Operations” strengthens the core skill so that your “Competencies” are better-rounded. I do believe Sales & Marketing go hand in hand and without each together both fail.

So, I’m posing the question to you “Why did you choose the “Sales Profession”…..regrets”?

You can check out my background/work by checking out the following links:

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