“Work/Life Balance”….haha now that’s HILARIOUS!


I am literally laughing to myself with the heading of this blog post…OK just a moment as I gather myself. Now, seriously the title isn’t meant to be sarcastic or even funny but intended to cause critical thinking about how realistic the “Corporate Stanza” of the 90’s & 2000’s “Work/Life Balance”. It was nauseating to have to participate in those worthless corporate seminars/workshops on establishing a healthy balance between work and family life….when right after the seminar your boss is e-mailing you about a project scheduled to be completed in 2 weeks has now been pushed to TOMORROW!!

YES, I hope a fair percentage of you understand totally where I’m coming from in that there’s a ridiculous amount of HYPOCRISY in play when you examine the 3 words “Work”, “Life” and “Balance”. I may sound a bit negative here but I’m a realist, in today’s competitive environment your work is your life and sadly for many of us…your life is your work. Now, this is not to say you don’t have a choice we’ve all been blessed with free will to make choices and those of you who have the luxury to not make “Work” your life GOD BLESS YOU! Unfortunately, I would gather that the majority of the human race “Work to Survive” is the majority of their “LIFE”. Companies come across as cruel when they push this insincerity of being family oriented and then at the same time force their employees to work weekends, overtime, and 10 to 12 hour days…umm can somebody tell me when there is an opportunity to kiss the wife and kids? What kills me even more is when companies decide to have daycare right on campus as if to say “between your meetings you can get a quick smooch from your kid….but have you’re a** back in the office in “5” (hahaha!!!).

The reality is there’s NO such thing as “Work/Life Balance” (yep a possible controversial somewhat cynical opinion). In my humble opinion I think this was a cruel cliché that someone thought had a “Ring” to it and every company and motivational speaker jumped on the hypocrisy. It makes everyone feel good about themselves when they can say “We really care about you”…but the words done correspond with the actions e.g. “I care about you when the work gets and the results are there. Okay, to not totally place the entire blame on corporate America we as employees have some responsibility in this dilemma. Companies have to make a profit in order to survive and in most cases that cannot be done if their employees work 3 or 4 hour days…that’s real talk! Employees on the other hand have to make some tough decisions on behalf of their families when there’s a significant disruption with between “Work” & “Life”…because companies are not obligated to be that compassionate. More importantly, if you think about it “Work/Life Balance” is in the eyes of the beholder not everyone is agreement how logistically “Work/Life Balance” works, the hours between the two could differ depending on who you ask.

In summary, I’m not crapping on the IDEA of “Work/Life Balance” if someone can come up with a recipe we all can agree on on what “Work/Life Balance” looks like in application…I WILL SIGN UP PERSONALLY! Until then I think what frustrates us all is the “HYPOCRISY” that comes from the idea that you can enjoy a “Work/Life Balance” especially in a corporate environment, and as an entrepreneur.

“Work/Life Balance” is an individual choice, how YOU manage the two is all that counts…just remember BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER!

Thank you!!

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2 responses to ““Work/Life Balance”….haha now that’s HILARIOUS!

  1. You are right on, Andre. The ultimate decision is personal … is the money worth the family/personal sacrifice?
    It is an oxymoron to include work with life and balance!! Great post!

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