“I Don’t Like To CLOSE…..”!

Afraid to close

It’s true there are salespeople out there who actually “Sell” products/services for a living…..that HATE to CLOSE customers. Literally I’ve been on ride-alongs with sales reps making calls on customers where I see them physically shake with nervousness when it came time to ask the customer to buy. I’ve never met a salesperson who doesn’t like to talk including myself so to witness this irony where you have someone present their product with such confidence actually wilt when it comes time to ask a customer for the sell is quite baffling.

Actually it’s not baffling when you further analyze this issue. First, it goes back years when you had the door to door salesman peddling all sorts of things and the connection between themselves and the customer wasn’t there because of 2 words “Need” & “Value”. The mentality of the salesperson back then was to sell a product regardless whether it fulfilled a need or served any type of value for the customer, so from the customer’s perspective you had an overbearing, aggressive, and persistent person coming at you with absolutely no reverence for how you feel about the process leaving you angry, annoyed, and un-trusting of ANY salesperson. Unfortunately, we haven’t really recovered as a profession from this terrible perception and what’s interesting is that you’re seeing sales people and sales companies playing into it by minimizing or even avoiding the word “CLOSE”. Companies are training their salespeople to say to customers in the closing phase of a sales call “Will you consider”? “Will you think about”? “Give it some thought”….all what I call “Closavoidance” that don’t allow the “Buying Process” to move forward. You see it appears our industry has buckled to the “Perception Onslaught” and hasn’t proved to itself or the customer that it can provide “VALUE” which elicits the confidence and assuredness to “CLOSE”. Of course there would be apprehension to ask ANYBODY to do something if you haven’t convince them that what you have to offer provides significant value to them……”VALUE” is the key here.

When we look at the “Sales Call” in its most simplistic view we learn that the process in itself is NOT far removed from how we as human beings naturally communicate, “I meet you, get to know you, you get to know me, we find commonality, consummate the relationship”….the only thing I didn’t add was a product but you can easily insert. The key is the “VALUE” gained into getting to know each other’s needs and providing solutions to those needs, once that’s addressed “The Closing” is a natural part of the process. I believe the #1 reason why salespeople and customers fear “The CLOSE” is because dialogue between the two is avoided because the “PERCEPTION” is that “Value” will not be realized.

“VALUE” takes humility, compromise and collaboration and until both the sales profession and customer understand this and embrace it you’ll continue to see the division and lack of respect for “THE CLOSE”!

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